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This tour lasts approximately 3 hrs. It is suited to those on a tight schedule who just want to get in a few hours of dirt bike riding, or simply put, those who aren’t as fit as they once were. It can be an action packed 3 hr ride or if you’re a beginner, a time to learn and experience what enduro riding is all about. You still get to experience all the different types of terrain that Ultimate Enduro Pattaya, Thailand has to offer, just to a lesser degree.

We will organize transport to pick you up at approximately 9.30am and drop you off at your hotel approximately 1.30pm for the morning tour or pick you up at approximately 1.30pm and drop you off approximately 5.30pm for the afternoon tour, so you have nothing to worry about.

When you make your booking and fill in the form, let us know your riding ability so we can accommodate you by putting you in a group that suits you. We cater for beginner to expert and our guides will do their best to make sure you have a great time by taking you on trails that best suit your skill level.

At the end of the ½ day tour, you will definitely need some refreshment. There will be water, soft drinks and fresh fruit available for you at the end of the tour. Once you have relaxed a bit, there is a shower available that you can use before you head back to your hotel.

Ultimate Enduro would encourage you to do the full day tour so you get the most out of your day. You will get to experience even more awesome trails, a lunch break, extra time for photos and time to take in the beautiful scenery.


  • 3,500 Baht per rider.

Morning Schedule:

  • Hotel Pick up @ 9.30am*.
  • Hotel Drop Off @ 1.30pm*.

    (* Approximate time)

Afternoon Schedule:

  • Hotel Pick up @ 1.30am*.

    (* Approximate time)

  • Hotel Drop Off @ 5.30pm*.

    (* Approximate time)

We Provide:

  • Hotel pick up & drop off.
  • All Riding equipment.
  • Professional Tour Guides.
  • All Fuels.
  • Lunch.
  • Drinks.